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Hammerdog Games

Warlord Chess

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An Amazing Way To Play Chess For 2 to 4 Players of any skill level.

Choose your opponents! Choose your colors!

Warlord Chess Plays Just Like Chess! - move, capture, check, and checkmate are all the same. A few new rules are added because of the size of the board and number of armies. But make no mistake - THIS IS CHESS.

Warlord Chess Levels the Playing Field - whether you are a newbie player or a seasoned veteran you will enjoy the game and have a real chance to win. Multiple enemies means that the best chess player in the group cannot win every game. Special moves mean that the least skilled player can make moves that will stun their more experienced opponents.

Warlord Chess Will Surprise and Delight You - new rules and special spaces on the board allow your pieces to perform exciting maneuvers!
  • Discover "The Doughnut of Death!"
  • Change the color of your bishop!
  • Invade an enemy castle!
  • Check 2 Kings at the same time!
  • Negotiate temporary truces!
  • Drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentation of their loved ones! Or...maybe...y'know...just have a good time playing chess. :)
Warlord Chess Has a Companion App for iOS and Android -