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You are a medieval blacksmith with the goal of improving your skills and your business. Collect resources, complete contracts, train assistants, join guilds, and otherwise do everything you can to become the best blacksmith in the land.

  • Medium Weight Euro for 1-4 Players
  • Play in 60-90 Minutes for Ages 14+
  • World class production and components
  • Tableau Building
  • Worker Placement
  • Set Collection

  • The World's Greatest Screen

    Our best selling GM screen has been rocking tabletops for over 15 years. Find out why it's called the greatest. Available in portrait, landscape, and mini formats

  • The World's Greatest Inserts

    Visit our Build-A-Screen-Workshop to create your own custom screen. Add a pack of inserts to help you run games. Add art to make your screen look sweet. Add magnets to take your screen to the next level

  • The Grande Temple of Jing

    The dungeoncrawl that rules them all!

    500+ pages. 60 levels. Celebrity contributors.

    Enter the dungeon home of a trickster god where ANYTHING GOES. With levels by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Ed Greenwood, and many more. Floor tiles, miniature figures, miniature terrain, music, and numerous other aids also available.

  • The Dread House

    Explore the Dread House - if you dare! This RPG book for 5th Edition, Pathfider 1e, *and* Call of Cthulhu features 19 "haunted house" adventures that can be played separately, or combined into numerous campaigns. 6 Short stories help GMs and Keepers get in the mood. Floor tiles, miniature figures, miniature terrain, music, and numerous other aids available.

  • Warlord Chess

    An amazing way to play chess for 2 to 4 players of any skill level! Warlord Chess is played on a special double sided chessboard and is packaged with rules for other chess games. Choose your armies from 12 different colors of chess pieces!

  • Denoa: World of Adventure

    A fantasy campaign setting like no other. Coming soon.

  • Chaos Chess --- Coming Soon

    This is a set of 64 cards that change all the rules of chess. The cards
    range from permanent changes to "instants" to durational cards. It adds
    an element of luck to a game that never had any. However, most the cards are not over-powerful and your knowledge of chess will help you quite a bit.

    A Chess set is required to play this game.

  • Hammerdog Needs You!

    Hammerdog is on the hunt for folks that can help us grow. We are currently looking for a social media coordinator as well as DMs and GMs.


Value, Variety, Versatility

At Hammerdog Games we create products that exemplify our core philosophies. Value is key to us, as we strive to make products that are worth their price. Variety is important as we want our customers to be able to get the product they want in the shape, color, or format they want it in. And most of all, we believe in Versatility. You will find our products to be flexible, malleable, and usable in a variety of ways.