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The World's Greatest Screen - Pink

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Create The Screen of Your Dreams!

The World's Greatest Screen is the only GM screen you will ever need. Customize it by putting art on the side your players see, and charts, tables, and other good stuff on the side that only YOU see. Write on it with wet or dry erase markers.

We offer a variety of inserts to help you get the most out of your screen, as well as add-ons that let you use magnets with it. Together with our tools and your imagination, you can make a screen that changes to suit your exact needs from game-to-game.

Double-sided folding vinyl GM screen in either landscape or portrait orientation.

4 Panels   -  8 Pockets  -  11" x 8.5" size  -  Portrait supports A4 paper

Can be customized with The World's Greatest Inserts, or your own creations.

Can be written on using wet or dry erase markers.

Add the power of magnetism to your screen with Magnet Power and our custom Magnet Pack, available separately.