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The Grande Temple of Jing (2021) - 5e & PF 1e

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Discover the Dungeoncrawl That Rules Them All!

515 page, 60 level SUPERSTAR MEGADUNGEON

Explore the home of a trickster god! Jing has been preparing for your arrival. First, he built a boundless temple to himself - a magical labyrinth that he placed somewhere between space and time. Next, he stole countless treasures from kings and queens, emperors and gods. These he placed within his temple so that any visitor could discover and take them. To challenge the bold, he surrounded those treasures with tricks, traps, and an array of deadly monsters. Finally, he hid invitations everywhere for clever people to find. This website is his invitation to YOU. Do you accept the invitation? Are you ready to enter the Grande Temple of Jing?

This tome features 60 themed levels and 11 epic storylines that can be played separately, or as part of an epic dungeon campaign. The book includes new monsters, new magic items, riddles, quests, and more dungeon encounters than you can shake a +1 stick at. "Metadungeon" aspects of the temple make it easy for DMs and GMs to rearrange it's levels, to add their own content to it, and to weave it into an existing campaign.

With levels by Jonathan Tweet, Skip Williams, Ed Greenwood, Jim Ward, Grimtooth, Stan!, Chris Pramas, and others. Riddles by Matt Mayfield, with fiction by Dave Gross, and Kevin Andrew Murphy.