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The Dread House - 5e, PF1, CoC

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A Haunted House of Epic Proportions!

---  288 pages, 19 adventures, 6 Short Stories

Welcome to the Dread House, a haunted house setting that contains 19 chilling adventures compatible with DnD 5th edition, Pathfinder 1st edition, and Call of Cthulhu. The adventures can be played separately, or combined to create a campaign that transcends time and place.

A host of supplemental products such as Music, Floor Tiles, and Miniatures will help you immerse your players in the exciting adventures within this book. Adventures range from the spooky to the horrific, from the fun to the terror-inducing. 6 short stories by fantasy master Richard Lee Byers help the GM get immersed in this house of horrors which can be played as a castle, as a mansion, or as a simple haunted house.

The centerpiece of the Dread House is the storyline The Dread Wedding. In this medieval tale of fantasy horror, a royal wedding is interrupted by a dread reaper known as the Pumpkin Man. Now, the bride, groom, and all the guests relive the wedding each year as ghosts, waiting for a brave group to defeat the Pumpkin Man, and allow them their final rest.